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19th April 2018 

EMDR is Eye Movement Desentisitization & Reprocessing

EMDR is a treatment of choice for trauma recovery by the governmental 'NICE' body. It is a comparatively short term treatment for those suffering from the effects of traumatic incidents. These incidents include experiences of road traffic accidents, home & workplace accidents, physical and emotional abuse, sexual assault. Traumas resulting from natural disasters, surgical treatment & violent experiences.

The therapy supports you accessing the trauma in a safe & carefully managed way, then paying attention to these memories to alleviate the distress associated with them. The memories are often not only 'held' in the mind but are accompanied by physical symptoms, emotional distress, dreams and 'flashbacks'.

To alleviate these symptoms the process of EMDR entails moving your eyes from side to side (as happens when you dream in your sleep) under the guidance of the therapist. Sometimes alternatives to eye movement such as gentle vibration or tapping are used. This depends on what you decide is useful in dialogue with the therapist.