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19th April 2018 

Why Counselling or Psychotherapy?

At times in our life it is usual to feel stuck, perplexed, unsure of ourselves. Sometimes the problem or dificulties we face seem almost overwhelming and there is no way out. At other times we may experience dissatisfaction with our life with no explanation for ourselves. Sometimes we 'hold' the pain of physical injuries in our head by being unaware of the tensions we have in our body. This is where a series of counselling sessions can be useful, it can help in letting go of the trauma form the illness or injury.

Psychotherapy or counselling sessions can be helpful in many aspects of life. The process is not about another giving you advice or supplying you with an answer, but a supportive process for you to explore and find your own answer. The list of areas that counselling or psychotherapy may help with on the home page, is not an exhaustive one. The process of talking to another who has no personal agenda in your decision or change can help with many of the issues that life contains.

No matter how grounded we feel in life, difficulties arise. The aim of psychotherapy and counselling is to enable the individual to be well equipped to cope with these difficulties so as to lead their life with satisfaction and joy.